I was born as Amith Rathod I fell on this beautiful planet
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on a ………….(04/03/1976). In internet parlance, shall I say that I was downloaded in Aamchi Mumbai ! All my wonder years have been in Bangalore, the most happening city in India. So what makes me worth knowing ? Read on… …to explore unknown facets of Amith. Hey..I’m not a Jekyll n Hyde personality ! I’m just a laid back kinda guy who loves traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. Most of my grey cells abuzz with creativity and I’ve found my professional match in the field of designing. Whether it’s web designing, graphic design, interface design, product design or user experience designing, i have done it all and live and breathe design. Being a versatile guy, I explore every possible way to … do things differently….(The DO IT ONCE…DO IT RIGHT APPROACH ! ..but also ‘DO IT DIFFERENTLY ! ) Taking a tour of this blog/site, aren’t you cocksure that I extend my creativity to everything !…be it designing T-shirts or Cards or Posters.