Copycat, Copycat, When Will It End?

Whether you are a designer or a writer or a photographer anyone who has ever published any type of copyable content on the web knows, it happens, it’s inevitable. We are all plagued with this problem of copycat business.

Well some of them do it because they are creative and may not know that someone else has already created a design/content of the same kind. After all we humans do think alike. Now there are MORE people who do nothing but sit up their ass and just copy, because all they can do is copy since they are incapable of doing any good work.

When you steal something like a design/content/photograph for commercial purposes, you are profiting from the time and work of others. Speaking as a designer, I can tell you that some companies do pressure their designers to use improperly sourced Content/Design/Imagery in order to save costs.

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